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In line with the ever-increasing complexity of modern society and technologies, subjects that are being taught in schools, universities and professional training courses are also growing increasingly complex, broader in scope and deeper in depth.

Many parents, students and career-minded professionals find that it is necessary to augment traditional schooling and training with additional tuition, be it individually or in groups.


Our Purpose

The purpose of Home Tutors @ Pusat Tuisyen Studio Ilmu is to facilitate the discovery of independent tutors and trainers for parents, students and professionals who are concerned with advancing themselves or their children in education with additional tuition.


Portal Contents

This portal provides a database capable of storing information about tutors and trainers in a wide variety of skill development and knowledge tutoring at various levels




Primary School


Secondary School








Social/ Religious


Hobbies/ Recreational



Tutor Specific Contents

Additionally, we provide facilities for tutors and trainers to maintain their own blogs about their respective areas of specialization, discussion forums in various subjects of specialization and a place for tutors, trainers and students to seek assistance in skills and kind for educational and school projects that they wish to undertake.

Each tutor is allocated a personal wall for his or her individual profile with links to his/her blog and contributions in discussion forums.


Our Aspirations

We hope that this portal will be useful for you and contribute toward your and your children’s success in school, career and life.


Thank you for visiting.